How To Write A CV: What Makes You Unique?

How to write a memorable CV

The final tip I can give you is to be remembered. Create an anchor that you can be remembered by. When applying for my role at J & J Recruitment Solutions, I followed up with a phone call around a week later to make sure that my application was received and complete, and to get […]

Writing the Education section of your CV.

How to write the education and qualifications section of a CV

Professional courses and work-related training. Begin with any professional qualifications required for the role, along with work-related courses that you might have completed with previous employers. These are often invaluable at demonstrating your knowledge and ability to perform well in your desired job. Courses and training undertaken with previous employers also show your willingness and […]

CV Guide: How Do I Write A Career History?

How to write an employment history for a CV

When writing the Career History, or Employment History, section of your CV, you want to create something that is easy to follow and easy to navigate. This can be achieved with three easy steps: List your employment history in an a-chronological order, meaning that you list your most recent job at the top and work […]

How To Write a CV: Key Skills and Achievements Overview.

How To Write the key skills section of a CV

This section should be short and to the point. Pick out your strongest skills and achievements that are most relevant to each specific application and bullet point them clearly on your CV here. Broadly speaking, skillsets can be easily divided in to two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are easily measurable, such […]

How do I write a Personal Profile?

How to write a personal profile for a CV

Think of this as your elevator pitch. Keep it short and sweet, perhaps less than 10 lines. It should be concise and to the point; there is plenty of scope to expand on this within your covering letter. Open with a strong statement that you can back up with an example. This should hit on […]

How to write a CV: Personal Details

Personal Details on a CV

This should be an easy section to write. Typically, this would appear at the very top, starting with your name as the title of your CV. Here is what to include: Use your full name as the title of your CV, top and centre. Contact number. Make sure that you update your contact number on […]

What should I include in my CV? (Sections and Content of your CV.)

Sections of a CV

Let’s take a look at the typical sections of a Curriculum Vitae, laid out from top to bottom as they would appear on your CV. This list may change depending on the industry, but it should provide a good starting point for most. We will give you our top tips for each section of your […]

How Should You Format a CV?

How to format a CV

When looking at how to layout a CV, simple is best. Here are some simple tips to keep your Curriculum Vitae easy to read and extract key information from. Stick to standard fonts styles, text sizes and spacing. Blank text is fine: there is no need for graphics or charts. It should be easy to […]

The Importance Of Writing Your Own CV

How to write a CV - The importance of writing your own CV

Before diving into each section of your CV in detail, it is important to know how to set the tone of a CV and create the best possible impact with the content that you choose to include. Firstly, I strongly recommend using your own CV rather than one created from a job board profile or […]