Is now the best time to try something new?

Is now the best time to change career?

Now, it is easier than before to enter a new industry by demonstrating your transferable skills, and the level of opportunity for temporary work in the current market makes it viable to test the water with less commitment.

The HGV Driver Shortage: HGV Drivers Speak Out

The HGV Driver Shortage: HGV Drivers Speak Out 2

The HGV Driver shortage from the HGV Drivers’ point of view. With an increased focus on the national HGV Driver Shortage brought on by empty shelves, increased costs of products and most recently a fuel shortage causing petrol stations to close and large queues at any that are open, the Department for Transport sent out […]

Be More Toddler! Career Lessons From A Two-Year-Old.

A toddler pushing over a wall of toy bricks

I learned what I feel is a valuable lesson from my two-year-old daughter yesterday. We had spent time building a small wall with toy bricks. She’d taken care placing each one, carefully balancing them with a look of achievement after each and every brick which was then replaced with a look of determination as you […]

How To Write A CV: What Makes You Unique?

How to write a memorable CV

The final tip I can give you is to be remembered. Create an anchor that you can be remembered by. When applying for my role at J & J Recruitment Solutions, I followed up with a phone call around a week later to make sure that my application was received and complete, and to get […]

Writing the Education section of your CV.

How to write the education and qualifications section of a CV

Professional courses and work-related training. Begin with any professional qualifications required for the role, along with work-related courses that you might have completed with previous employers. These are often invaluable at demonstrating your knowledge and ability to perform well in your desired job. Courses and training undertaken with previous employers also show your willingness and […]

CV Guide: How Do I Write A Career History?

How to write an employment history for a CV

When writing the Career History, or Employment History, section of your CV, you want to create something that is easy to follow and easy to navigate. This can be achieved with three easy steps: List your employment history in an a-chronological order, meaning that you list your most recent job at the top and work […]

How To Write a CV: Key Skills and Achievements Overview.

How To Write the key skills section of a CV

This section should be short and to the point. Pick out your strongest skills and achievements that are most relevant to each specific application and bullet point them clearly on your CV here. Broadly speaking, skillsets can be easily divided in to two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are easily measurable, such […]

How do I write a Personal Profile?

How to write a personal profile for a CV

Think of this as your elevator pitch. Keep it short and sweet, perhaps less than 10 lines. It should be concise and to the point; there is plenty of scope to expand on this within your covering letter. Open with a strong statement that you can back up with an example. This should hit on […]