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How to write a CV: Personal Details

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This should be an easy section to write. Typically, this would appear at the very top, starting with your name as the title of your CV. Here is what to include:

  • Use your full name as the title of your CV, top and centre.
  • Contact number.
    • Make sure that you update your contact number on your CV if it has changed – I frequently receive CVs with disconnected phone numbers, which is a shame as some are from great candidates that are now uncontactable.
  • Professional email address.
    • The personal email address that you created when you were 14 is unlikely to give the best first impression. Create an email address that contains your full name and use that instead.
  • Location
    • You should not include your full address, but the Town you live in is a good idea. You can also include here whether you have your own transport or demonstrate that you have properly considered your commute.
An example of how to lay out personal details on a curriculum vitae (CV)

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Personal Details on a CV

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