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How To Write A CV: What Makes You Unique?

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The final tip I can give you is to be remembered. Create an anchor that you can be remembered by. When applying for my role at J & J Recruitment Solutions, I followed up with a phone call around a week later to make sure that my application was received and complete, and to get an update on progress. When I spoke to the director, he said “Ah yes, are you the Magician?”

My CV had been written to specifically address the job and person specification from the original job advert, but I also explained how my pastime of moonlighting as a professional magician demonstrated many of the skills required for the role. Not only did this give me an opportunity to demonstrate my marketing, branding, website design, social media skills and ability to engage people, it did so in a way that created a unique anchor for them to remember me by.

Think about what makes you unique. Is it a particular achievement at work, an interesting hobby or the time that you traveled Asia? Find a way to use this in your CV so that you are more easily remembered during those shortlisting discussions.

If you follow our comprehensive guide, you will be able to create a simple and effective CV that clearly communicates to your prospective employer exactly why they should hire you. Remember to amend your CV for each job vacancy that you apply for and proof read it every time.

If you now have a finished CV, head over to our job vacancies to see whether your next career is waiting for you there!

Further sections of our comprehensive guide to writing a CV:

  1. Intro.
  2. The importance of writing your own CV.
  3. How should I format my CV?
  4. What should I include in my CV?
  5. Personal Details.
  6. How do I write a Personal Profile for my CV?
  7. The Key Skills & Achievements Section of a CV.
  8. How to write an Employment History / Career History of a CV
  9. How to write the Education Section of your CV.
  10. What should I include in the Extracurricular Activities (Hobbies and Interests) section of my CV?
  11. What makes you unique? Writing a CV to be remembered.

How to write a memorable CV

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