Is now the best time to try something new?

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With candidate shortages across all sectors and a record number of job vacancies available to job seekers, starting salaries and pay rates available to temporary workers have both increased at record rates (source: REC).

We have seen increases in flexibility from our clients, making their proposition to candidates more flexible, better paid and with lowered requirements, giving access to candidates that may have previously not been shortlisted or interested. This was echoed by further reports from REC (viewable here) which showed that 50% of employers were experiencing labour shortages, with 55% of these believing that offering a higher starting salary would help, and 37% thinking that improving the benefits offered would make the difference, including flexible working.

This makes it a perfect time to try something new. Now, it is easier than before to enter a new industry by demonstrating your transferable skills, and the level of opportunity for temporary work in the current market makes it viable to test the water with less commitment. Competition for these roles will be greatly reduced due to candidate rates dropping at “one [of] the fastest rates on record” (source: REC). With a carefully crafted CV, and a recruitment consultant that is able to present your application to the right person, this opens doorways to new industries and roles that you might not have previously considered.

The pandemic has changed how a lot of us see work, and, for some, time out has made us realise that we don’t really enjoy what we do! I strongly believe that job satisfaction is so important for our mental health and productivity. A new job can bring new challenges and fantastic rewards.

A change is as good as a holiday!

Even if a complete change isn’t right for you, wouldn’t you like to know what you might be offered elsewhere?

We have multiple temporary vacancies, some with quite attractive longevity, across several sectors. For those desring more stability, we have permanent opportunities too. If you would like guidance on how your transferable skills might fit in to a new sector, please do get in touch with us –  we are always happy to speak to job seekers in the Kent area!

For an informal chat, please feel free to call us on 01227 369922 between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Our core sectors are:

  • Industrial (warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and waste management)
  • Transport (HGV Driving and Multidrop Driving)
  • Catering (Events, Waiting, Bar work, Management)
  • Commercial (Administration, Sales, Retail and Customer Service)
  • Engineering (Mechanics, Manufacturing, Joinery)
  • Construction
Is now the best time to change career?

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