What to include within the extracurricular activities section of your CV?

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This section of you CV might also be titled “Hobbies and Interests”.

This section of your CV is a great opportunity to humanise yourself to the reader. It is a chance to show them who you are as a person, what makes you unique and how you might fit in to the existing team. The main focus for me in this section, however, is to demonstrate any skillsets that might be transferable in to work (usually soft skills). There are many skillsets and characteristics that can be learnt, developed, and demonstrated through extracurricular activities. For example, participating in sport might show your teamwork abilities, competitive nature, goal-focussed mindset, and dedication. You might also hold a position of responsibility for a local club, demonstrating leadership, trustworthiness, or reliability. A special interest, such as local history or taking art classes, might show your studious nature or attention to detail. Be sure to clearly communicate these skills on your CV and prioritise those most relevant to your application.

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How to write the hobbies and interests section of a CV

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